The Coffee Kennel, a second big announcement, and gratitude.

One coffee shop, coming up!

Yoh. It feels like the new big announcements just keep on coming.

Are you ready for the next one?

We’ve recently passed the two year mark since our little coffee trailer, affectionately known as The Coffee Kennel has been parked in the garden of Taberna Dei Church at 76 Jorissen Street, Polokwane.

Today I’m here to tell you that as I’m typing this, a team of builders are renovating the space here at the church that is to become our new shop. Not trailer, shop.

As in, bricks and cement.

And plumbing. It’s going to be cosy, but it’s going to have some space to sit indoors. Up until now all our seating has been outdoors, and that will always be there, but now it can rain or hail or gust and you can come hide out in our shop. Under a roof! Can you tell I’m excited?

Renovations afoot!

Wait, so there are going to be two Bayhound coffee shops in Polokwane?

Yes, yes yes. While we’ll be moving out of our trailer and into a building here on the church premises, our container coffee bar and roastery will be at Grounded Container Bar and Cafe. It’s all happening at the same time so it’s a bit crazy around here!

Thank you Taberna Dei!

Can I just take one moment to thank Taberna Dei Moedergemeente. You as a church have provided an incubator for Bayhound to grow from the ground up. Thank you for your patience, thank you for your very practical support and encouragement, thank you for believing in us even when we doubted ourselves, many of you have become like family to us and we are just so grateful. To me that is what a church does, uplifts their community and helps people grow—in this case you let us run amok in your garden and kitchen and that has meant the world to us. We are determined to create something truly special with the new space you’re giving to us.

We love our trailer, but it has its limitations, and we dream of being able to offer our customers more variety. That includes a more varied food menu. Food that is simple, healthy and leaning toward plant-based is close to our hearts and so we’ll be focusing on that direction. What do you want to eat? Please get in touch and tell us what you’d like to see on our menu!

Container update

And a little progress update on the container: Pieter is hard at work grinding, welding and cutting as we speak, and the doors and counters are starting to take shape!

A childhood spent climbing trees pays off.

As I finish this blog post off I’m pondering, why does everything in life seem to happen at once? You work and you wait, work and wait, and eventually when you start gaining some momentum, you realize all of a sudden that you’re in a 100m sprint when you thought you entered a marathon. All I can say is, we’ve been training and we are so ready for this run!

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