6th March 2019 Project Coffee Roastery 4

The Container Has Arrived!

Pieter and the 40ft container. Sounds like a novel to me.

The Eagle has landed! I mean, container. And so the work begins.

Amid much anticipation and excitement the chosen container was delivered this morning, destined for greatness beyond the monotony of sea transport. Ooooh, if this piece of metal only knew the new life about to be breathed into it!

This 12m long hollow prism made from steel will become the home of our new roaster and brew bar. A first in Polokwane!

Step one: Chop container in half.

Pieter’s work will not be cut out for him, seeing as he’s doing it all himself. With my help of course. I’ll be making sure he wears his welding helmet so he doesn’t burn the outermost layer of his face off again like that one time. Not good.

New roaster progress update

During the two week wait for the container to arrive, Pieter made a lot of progress on the new coffee roaster. Our friend Dave pointed out that it looks cyclopic. I, for one, can’t help but smile back at that gap toothed grin, because it’s going to be the best coffee roaster in the world. Old Frankenstein has served us well, but I look forward to a roaster that turns itself. Seriously.


Maybe a little cyclops.

And the sink…

Oh yes, and we finished the sink. It required some creative methods to get it out of the wooden mold, though.  When all the coaxing, cajoling and coddling didn’t work, Pieter and Bernie finally followed my brilliant suggestion of burning it out. And voila! We have a sink! “I can’t wait to wash dishes in that sink,” is a phrase that no woman said, ever, until now when I said it because I bought a beautiful new tap to go on it. I can’t resist an artful piece of plumbing. The guys are pretty proud of it. They refer to it as a ‘she’. I mean, I like it too, but that’s going a bit far. It’s a sink, after all.

The she sink.

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4 Comments on "The Container Has Arrived!"

  1. Lydia Jansen van vuuren
    7th March 2019 Reply

    So proud of what you guys are doing to fulfill your dreams...good luck in your endeavours

    • Susan Le Roux
      10th March 2019 Reply

      Thanks Lydia! Hope to see you there when it's done :D

  2. Louis
    9th March 2019 Reply

    Hi dit Vennic cut you plates for you

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