Twins and a Chimney

Just a little peek at the container so far


I’m writing this update from my couch, downing a much needed dose of Friday night and also a Southern Comfort Lime & Soda.

We’ve been a little quiet on the social media front, but that’s because we’ve been making some serious headway with all things coffee shoppery since the last progress report. Actually that might be an understatement. Ever since we found out we were having twins (shops not babies, just to be clear) we have been eating, sleeping, breathing these projects. Even I have been welding and angle grinding! (I quite like it.)

My welding handiwork



I decided that I would design and make my own light fitting for the church shop. It has only 1 right angle to its name, I just love it. Okay Pieter did help me out with some of the welds and wiring but I am pleased to say that it is my own original creation!




Supply of magic wands


A lot of the work done on the container so far has been structural. For example, you can’t just chop a container in half, you need to strengthen it in the middle first. Turns out you can’t just cut a 5m long section out of the wall either, as it will start to sag (oops!). Luckily Pieter is a born engineer and hands on problem solver so with a wave of his magic wand (aka welding rod) we have ourselves a structurally sound container.


With everything we’ve been busy with we haven’t been able to spend as much time with our fur babies as we’d like, so when we get the chance we bring them to hang out where we’re working. Nonyx takes some encouragement to actually step through the door. He doesn’t trust the echoes inside the container one bit. Guinness, on the other hand, bounds in without hesitation, despite having a compendium of fears which include thunder, small children and, ironically, sheep.

Every morning starts with a coffee fuelled planning session, after which the work begins. Take a sneak peak below at some of the elements that are taking shape. Of course, we can’t give away toooo much, something must be left as a surprise!

The roaster is looking more and more like what it is meant to be. It now has a chimney, a motor and a gearbox. I should interject here that we never knew a gearbox would need a degree to understand. For quite a while everyone that thought they could figure it out ended up scratching their heads. We think we have it worked out now, kinda. Our current dilemma is finding a small extractor fan that can take the heat. Our first one spun stoically for a few minutes and then at a temperature of 150 degrees it sort of popped. Any suggestions?

Over at the church shop, Jaco from PG Aluminium came over to install the doors and windows sponsored by the company! How amazing is that? They look amazing, so thank you so so much!

We’re looking at opening the new shop at the church in just a few weeks, in time for Winter!

Right, that’s all from me for now. As anyone with twins will tell you, they’re a lot of work!

Toodle -oo



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